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Enabling people powered transformation.

We coach, advise and guide companies on how to successfully implement digital transformation with their managers and employees. The focus is always on people, their skills, and a good organisational structure. We are convinced that technology serves people and not the other way around.

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Fundamental principles on

How we work

What we do

partnaer enables people powered transformation. We coach, advise and guide companies on how to successfully implement the digital transformation with their managers and employees. The focus is always on people, their skills and a good organizational structure. We are convinced that technology serves people and not the other way around.

Who we serve

At partnaer we help companies and corporations - to adapt their organization as well as their project and product management to the dynamic, decentralized, rapidly changing world.

How we implement it

We achieve this through: Setting Up agile Teams and working Models, Creating overarching product management & -strategy, Developing a company-fitted project management, Assisting Management to grow business and Implementing Platforms & Systems to Collaborate

Our edge

We are not just consultants. We are implementers. Together with you, we fight to implement the best possible solutions for you and your organisation. With us, you have a super-powered team to help you develop, operate and achieve your organisation’s mission.

Our value proposition

Workshops, Coaching and Implementation in the following five areas


Assisting Management to Grow Business

Aligning people in the company for future growth together with the C-Level and management


Creating Overarching Product Management & Strategy

Establishing product-driven organisations with a clear product strategy, -portfolio, and -management


Developing a Company-fitted Project Management

Developing an individual project management standard, fulfilling company and employee requirements


Setting-up Agile Teams and Working Models

Build, empower and lead teams to success with a suitable, sustainable, and agile working model


Implementing Platforms & Systems to Collaborate

Implementing and customising software tools to enhance good and effective collaboration

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If you want to enable change, you need collaboration and a sense of community. Your team needs to believe in the same goal and stand together with you. This is how you drive transformation in your company.  🚀⚡️
🤫 Below are my top secrets about Transformation and Change: 
1. Make expectations clear: Address what is needed for motivation, how to prevent frustrations and how best to encourage learning and growth. ✅
2. Understand the difference between Transformation and Change. Transformation is a Viral Impact and Change is Top Down. 💡
3. Make clear what to Eliminate, Increase, Reduce and Create to make progress and drive your Transformation.  🤔
If you liked the video, we would appreciate you giving it a like. We also have some canvases on the topic that you are welcome to have. Write us a DM and we will get back to you. ✉️
Best regards and have a nice weekend, Marc 
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On April 11th, I had the honour of serving as a guest lecturer at the Technical University of Rosenheim. The lecture was aimed at students in their sixth semester of Industrial Engineering, focusing on “Personnel Leadership.” 👨🏻‍🏫
Together with Roman, we highly value such opportunities, as they allow us to make a positive impact on the lives of many people.
The main topic of the lecture was “EXPONENTIAL AGE”, during which we discussed the following five innovative platforms:
1. Public Blockchains
2. Multiomic Sequencing
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Energy Storage
5. Robotics
Personally, I greatly enjoyed the lecture and am very grateful to Prof. Dr. Unterlechner (@wirtschaftsingenieurwesen_thro ) for this opportunity. 🙏🏼
I wish you all the best and a pleasant evening. ⚡️
Best regards,
#hochschulerosenheim #fhrosenheim #exponentialage #lehreundforschung #rosenheim #unternehmertum #vorlesung #partnaer #EntrepreneurialThinking #digitaltransformation #insights #behindthescenes #enablingpeoplepoweredtransformation #theworldisourplayground #capetown #muenchen  #rosenheim #Consulting
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Connecting systems shouldn’t be a headache! 🤯 In this video, @romanpaeske dives into how we seamlessly integrate Atlassian and Jira with ERP systems for smoother project management. Say goodbye to system breaks and hello to a more efficient workflow! 💼💻 
#Integration #Efficiency #projectmanagement #Atlassian #Jira #ConnectingSystems #ImproveyourWorkflow #digitaltransformation #partnaer #learnoninstagram #capetown #münich #rosenheim
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Join us for an enlightening session on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its best practices! ⚡️
SAFe serves as a comprehensive organisational blueprint for implementing Agile practices on an enterprise scale, covering roles, responsibilities, planning, and workflow management. 📑
While implementing SAFe may initially seem challenging, our upcoming Meetup featuring Barrett Flowers will provide a simplified breakdown to help you easily implement Scaled Agile. 💡
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of SAFe! 
✅ Thursday, 9th May 2024 
✅ 16:00-17:00
#partnaer #DigitalTransformation #ProductOwner #ProjectManager #ProductManager #mymeetupmoment #keepconnected #ProjectManagementMeetups #learnoninstagram #enablingpeoplepoweredtransformation #projectandproductmanagementwebinar #projectmanagement 
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Looking to upskill for digital transformation? 💡
At partnaer, we’re committed to providing valuable knowledge. Our Meetups have grown to a 4.6/5 star rating with a community of over 500 members. 🚀
Calling all Product Owners, Project Managers, and Product Managers - join our community and learn from our experiences for free! Link in bio. 🔗
#Partnaer #DigitalTransformation #ProductOwner #ProjectManager #ProductManager #mymeetupmoment #keepconnected #ProjectManagementMeetups #learnoninstagram #enablingpeoplepoweredtransformation #projectandproductmanagementwebinar #projectmanagement
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Watch how two CEOs create four Instagram Reels without AI in just 4 hours! 🤳🏼
We aim to produce 4 to 5 short videos (each 90 seconds long) in a single session, which we will share across our social media channels over the course of a month. 🤩
1.     PREPARATION: Our Content-Team prepares a selection of topics with a clear structure for the videos. We use a standardised template for this.
2.     FEEDBACK: Four days before Content Day, our Content-Team presents the chosen topics, which are then reviewed and supplemented by Roman and Marc.
3.     ORGANISATION: Our Content-Team creates a folder for each video containing the recordings, used slides, and created sketches.
4.     RECORDING DAY: On the first Friday of the month, we meet from 9 AM to 1 PM and independently record the videos after a joint start.
5.     COORDINATION: Between recordings, we discuss our progress and make adjustments as needed.
6.     POST-PRODUCTION: After recording, everyone continues to work on their remaining tasks independently until the end of the day.
7.     VIDEO EDITING AND POSTING: In the following weeks, our Content-Team edits the videos and posts one each Friday.
8.     VIDEO BUFFER: We build up a video buffer for August and December so that we have enough content for vacation periods.
Interested? Send us a direct message, and we’ll introduce you to the concept at a Meetup. 💡
Best regards, 
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In this clip, @mrcndrae breaks down the basics of OKRs, highlighting their importance in fostering accountability through regular progress reviews and adjustments. However, operationalising OKRs can be challenging, requiring significant resources and top-notch organisational skills. Watch the full recording of our Meetup to learn key insights on how to effectively operationalise your OKRs - complete with case study examples. To watch the full video, you’ll have to join our Product Owner platform - TRIANGLE. DM us for an invite and we’ll link you straight to the platform. Don’t miss out, it’s free! 😉🚀
 #OKRs #OperationalisingOKRs #MeetupInsights #meetup 
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Dancing has connected people all over the world for thousands of years. 💃🏻 
Dancing expresses emotions, makes fun, creates closeness and a sense of belonging.🤩
 In the video, Marc our CEO is practicing a new choreography with the hip hop group “Convusion” under the direction of Silvia Wangler. 🕺🏻
#happyworlddanceday #theworldisourplayground #behindthescenes #internationaldanceday
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On this day we commemorate South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. Happy Freedom Day South Africa! 🇿🇦✊🏼
#freedomdaysouthafrica #southafrica #partnaerSA
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The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a collection of organisational and workflow patterns designed for implementing agile practices on a large scale within enterprises. 👨🏻‍💼🗃️
SAFe goes beyond just agile practices; it serves as a holistic organisational blueprint for implementing Agile throughout your entire enterprise. Covering roles, responsibilities, planning, and workflow management, SAFe offers a structured approach to embracing the Agile methodology. 📃
Implementing SAFe can be a challenging process that requires time and effort. In this clip, @romanpaeske provides a simplified breakdown of Scaled Agile to give you an understanding of how it works and how you may begin to implement in your organisation or team. 👨🏻‍🏫
#ProjectAndProductManagement #projectmanagementtips #learnoninstagram #Agile #ImplementingAgile #SAFe #enablingpeoplepoweredtransformation #CapeTown #partnaer #ScaledAgileFramework
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Facing challenges is just a part of life, but how you tackle them is your choice. They can lead you to new paths and help you grow. I’ve had my share of challenges, and I’ve learned it’s crucial to keep finding ways to overcome them. Sports has taught me to connect my body and mind, which keeps me stable and ready to face any challenge. Every challenge is a chance to grow. 💪🏼

Have a nice day. 

- @mrcndrae 
#growthmindset #theworldisourplayground #EntrepreneurialThinking #behindthescenes #personalinsights #partnaer #lifequotes #lifelessons #overcomingchallenges
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OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) play a crucial role in any organisation by articulating its goals. 🎯
They serve as a compass, keeping teams focused and fostering accountability through regular progress reviews. 🧭
However, to ensure alignment with overarching objectives, OKRs must be operationalised into smaller, actionable objectives and daily tasks. This ensures that every team member remains connected to the broader organisational goals, driving meaningful progress and success. ⭐️
Join us for our upcoming Meetup where @mrcndrae will provide a practical breakdown on operationalizing your OKRs. Drawing from his extensive business experience, he will offer actionable steps to help you achieve your business goals. 👨🏻‍💼
✅ 25th April 2024
✅ 16:00-17:00 CET
#meetup #keepconnected #mymeetupmoment #operationalisingokrs #okrs #projectmanagement #productmanagementtips #digitaltransformation #operationalisingstrategy #capetown #rosenheim #münchen #partnaer
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Vision & Mission

We as partnaer, have the vision to create one more smile every day. Our Mission, enabling people powered transformation comes a life through our core principles:

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Frequently Asked Questions

At partnaer, we recognise that the individuals within your organisation possess the required knowledge and expertise to implement effective solutions. As such, we collaborate closely with management to secure their support and facilitate the realisation of shared objectives through the engagement of your company’s personnel.

Project durations are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, we at partnaer usually work with a customer from 1.5 years to 2.5 years in length.

When collaborating with clients, we typically form a cross-functional team comprised of 7-9 individuals from various departments within your organization, in addition to 2 team members from Partnaer. This approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives and expertise are represented, enabling us to develop comprehensive solutions that address your specific needs and objectives.

We at partnaer provide three kinds of services:

Workshops: At partnaer, our goal is to comprehend your business concerns and generate value by facilitating a collaborative 5 workshop. Our team works alongside yours to identify and resolve the challenges your organisation faces, resulting in customised solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Coaching: At partnaer, we offer a dedicated coaching program for your team, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional service to both your organisation and project. Our coaching sessions run over a 6 day period each month for a duration of 6 to 12 months. By engaging in our coaching program, your team members will have the opportunity to enhance their performance and productivity, and facilitating the achievement of your company’s goals and objectives.

Implementation: At partnaer, we do not simply offer consultation services. Rather, we form a partnership with you and your organisation to develop people-powered solutions that improve not only your internal operations but also the quality of service you provide to your customers. Through collaboration and tailored strategies, we work with you to implement effective solutions that enhance the overall performance of your company.

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