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Enabling people powered transformation.

We coach, advise and guide companies on how to successfully implement digital transformation with their managers and employees. The focus is always on people, their skills, and a good organisational structure. We are convinced that technology serves people and not the other way around.

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Fundamental principles on

How we work

What we do

partnaer enables people powered transformation. We coach, advise and guide companies on how to successfully implement the digital transformation with their managers and employees. The focus is always on people, their skills and a good organizational structure. We are convinced that technology serves people and not the other way around.

Who we serve

At partnaer we help companies and corporations - to adapt their organization as well as their project and product management to the dynamic, decentralized, rapidly changing world.

How we implement it

We achieve this through: Setting Up agile Teams and working Models, Creating overarching product management & -strategy, Developing a company-fitted project management, Assisting Management to grow business and Implementing Platforms & Systems to Collaborate

Our edge

We are not just consultants. We are implementers. Together with you, we fight to implement the best possible solutions for you and your organisation. With us, you have a super-powered team to help you develop, operate and achieve your organisation’s mission.

Our value proposition

Workshops, Coaching and Implementation in the following five areas


Assisting Management to Grow Business

Aligning people in the company for future growth together with the C-Level and management


Creating Overarching Product Management & Strategy

Establishing product-driven organisations with a clear product strategy, -portfolio, and -management


Developing a Company-fitted Project Management

Developing an individual project management standard, fulfilling company and employee requirements


Setting-up Agile Teams and Working Models

Build, empower and lead teams to success with a suitable, sustainable, and agile working model


Implementing Platforms & Systems to Collaborate

Implementing and customising software tools to enhance good and effective collaboration

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Friendship and Klausur Part 3 🚀
Trust is built over time, and connections need to be tested. partnaer was born out of a need to fulfil Marc and Roman’s own dreams.
In this final clip of Friendship and Klausur, Marc and Roman delve into their personal and professional relationship, sharing how they balance the two.
Being in Doha allowed them to align on strategies for the next year and prepare for the tactical decisions needed in 2024.
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Are you wondering how to set individual OKRs for each of your employees? 🤔
Setting personal goals is a crucial step in driving your company’s targets forward. 🌟 By aligning each team member’s objectives with your broader vision, you can boost motivation and ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities. 💡
Join our upcoming Meetup where @mrcndrae will share exclusive tips on how to create laser-focused OKRs for your employees. Learn how to tailor goals to individual strengths, measure progress effectively, and drive exceptional performance across your team. 📈
Save the date:
📅 18th July 2024
⏰ 16:00 - 17:00 CET
Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your team’s productivity and alignment! 🙌

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 #ProductManagement #projectmanagement
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Friendship and Klausur Part 2 🚀
In this clip, Marc and Roman delve deeper into the ‘Klausur’ and its importance in allowing them to work on the company rather than just for the company. 💡
From the beginning, partnaer has had a clear vision. Achieving that vision demands dedication and regular reflection. The Klausur provides Marc and Roman the chance to step away from daily operations, review the past, and strategize for the future. It’s a crucial time for them to distinguish their roles as CEOs and focus on the larger company goals.
Beyond that this dedicated time also allows them to bond, have fun, and achieve goals in a more relaxed setting. 

Stay tuned for more insights. 🤩
#partnaer #projectandproductmanagement #entrepreneurinsights #interviewbetweenceos #ceoinsights #entrepreneurialjourney #projectmanagementduo #thelongandtheshortone
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Unlock the secret to a flawless product roadmap! 🌟
So far this year, we’ve covered topics such as “Roadmapping: Best Practices and How To Get Started” and “Roadmapping: Roadmap to Release Plan (How to Release)” because we want to provide you with the tools to execute Product Roadmaps with ease. 🚀📊
This Meetup we are taking its further by delving into proven methodologies that will get you prioritise like a pro. @romanpaeske will be guiding you through it step by step using his expertise in the field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 🤩
✅ 4TH JULY 2024
✅ 16:00-17:00 CET
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Wondering what to put in a Roadmap? 🤔 Let us help you. 🚀
During our Meetup on 6th June, @romanpaeske broke down exactly what to put in a Roadmap and what to put in a Release Plan. 💡
Understanding the difference between outcomes and outputs is crucial for a Roadmap to Release Plan.
✅ OUTCOME are the “differences the things we produce make.”
✅ OUTPUT is the “things we produce”. 
Both things are connected and crucial to your Product Development, but also need to be managed as separate entities. Understanding this distinction forms the bridge between your Roadmap and Release Plan. 
To learn more about Project and Product Management, you can join our Meetup. New topics every second Thursday of every month. Link in bio. 🔗
Have a great weekend. 🧡💜
#partnaer #meetup #mymeetupmoment #keepconnected #projectandproductmanagement #outcomevsoutput #roadmaptoreleaseplan #roadmapping #releaseplan
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35 years in the making. ⏰ 
You have probably experienced a lot in life. In the picture I am 12 years old, and I smile when I realise what has made me the person I am today. 
Growth can arise for very different reasons… Let me tell you how it was for me. 💬
As a child, I was often very sad, insecure, and didn’t really feel comfortable. Today I realise some family issues triggered my insecurities back then. 
When I wanted peace and quiet, I did thinks where I could control the outcome myself and didn’t rely on anyone else. I went to my grandparents’ workshop and worked on my own small projects. My friends were already extremely important to me back then, and I often went on adventures with them like camping in vineyards, building treehouses and exploring the sewers under our town. 
As I got older, my first girlfriend had an extremely positive influence on me. She showed me what was necessary to do well in school. She spent a lot of time teaching me how to study. I am very grateful to her for that. Later, life took me to many different places and eventually, I met Roman - my business partner and good friend - in 2016 in Rosenheim. 🇩🇪
What I have learned and want to share with you is that the highs and lows, dead ends, and lonely paths are part of life. 📈 It is important to take responsibility for determining your own direction. For me, the path can be twice as hard and more uncomfortable than following the crowd, but that means freedom and responsibility to me. 
I will never give up this freedom and my network of friends. Many people wonder about my energy and my personal commitment to my decisions. 💪🏼 For me, it is easy to understand I never want to be in a situation again where I cannot influence the circumstances of my life. 
Enjoy everyday of your life, 
#partnaer #personalinsights #thenvsnow #theworldisoirplayground #friends #childhood #businessfriends #firstgirlfriend #childhoodfriends #journeyoflife
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Friendship and Klausur Part 1. 🚀
Marc and Roman founded partnaer with a shared vision and a strong friendship. They leveraged their complementary skills and shared values to create a company that reflects their passion for business, sports, people and technology.💡
In this clip, they tell the story of their journey.
In this new series “Friendship and Klausur”, we’ll explore a little more about Marc and Roman’s friendship as well professional relationship. They’ll tell you what it takes to balance such a relationship and key lessons to maintaining this in a healthy and valuable way. Finally of course, we’ll also explain what we mean by the ‘Klausur’ and why this is important to operations at partnaer. 
We at partnaer define Klausur as followed: A yearly retreat, Roman and Marc meet at a neutral location to work on strategic topics for the development of Partnaer. In the Video they meet in Doha to work a whole week together to shape and build the future of the company. 🇶🇦
Stay tuned for more. 🤫
#partnaer #projectandproductmanagement #entrepreurinsights #interviewbetweenceos #ceoinsights #enterpreneurialjourney #projectmanagementduds #thelongandtheshortone
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Groundbreaking developments have been taking place in the field of AI. 🤖 🚀
AI is now increasingly being incorporated into technological tools and softwares. 🛠️As a product manager you can make use of these advancements and use it to improve your workflow. 💡
Join us on 20th June from 16:00-17:00 CET where @mrcndrae & @romanpaeske will take you through “AI - Tasks of a Project Manager & Tools That Help a PM - AI, Chat GPT.” 

Visit the link in our bio for more information. 🔗


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#enablingpeoplepoweredtransformation #learnoninstagram #digitaltransformation #ProjectAndProductManagement 
#ProjectAndProductManagement #ProductRoadmapping #ProductDevelopment
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Vision & Mission

We as partnaer, have the vision to create one more smile every day. Our Mission, enabling people powered transformation comes a life through our core principles:

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Frequently Asked Questions

At partnaer, we recognise that the individuals within your organisation possess the required knowledge and expertise to implement effective solutions. As such, we collaborate closely with management to secure their support and facilitate the realisation of shared objectives through the engagement of your company’s personnel.

Project durations are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, we at partnaer usually work with a customer from 1.5 years to 2.5 years in length.

When collaborating with clients, we typically form a cross-functional team comprised of 7-9 individuals from various departments within your organization, in addition to 2 team members from Partnaer. This approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives and expertise are represented, enabling us to develop comprehensive solutions that address your specific needs and objectives.

We at partnaer provide three kinds of services:

Workshops: At partnaer, our goal is to comprehend your business concerns and generate value by facilitating a collaborative 5 workshop. Our team works alongside yours to identify and resolve the challenges your organisation faces, resulting in customised solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Coaching: At partnaer, we offer a dedicated coaching program for your team, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional service to both your organisation and project. Our coaching sessions run over a 6 day period each month for a duration of 6 to 12 months. By engaging in our coaching program, your team members will have the opportunity to enhance their performance and productivity, and facilitating the achievement of your company’s goals and objectives.

Implementation: At partnaer, we do not simply offer consultation services. Rather, we form a partnership with you and your organisation to develop people-powered solutions that improve not only your internal operations but also the quality of service you provide to your customers. Through collaboration and tailored strategies, we work with you to implement effective solutions that enhance the overall performance of your company.

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Marc Andrae

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